An Expanding Inflammatory Problem

A healthy, strong body lives in a state of homeostasis. Chronic inflammatory diseases occur when the immune system – the cells and signaling processes responsible for returning the body back to balance – is unable to do just that. The result is a continuous cycle of immune dysregulation, including a cascade of uncontrolled cytokines and inflammatory cells that pushes the body further from its balanced state. Over time, chronic inflammation leads to damaged cells, tissue death and further disease progression.


The key to treating chronic inflammation is re-establishing immune system homeostasis – restoring it back to balance. Yet, current treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases are often ineffective in doing so. Some are too potent, and when systemically delivered, lead to serious adverse events and widespread toxicity. Others simply mask the disease symptoms, rather than addressing root source of pain and inflammation. And for those that do, they only target the inflammatory cytokines further downstream of disease pathogenesis.


If we are to truly treat inflammatory diseases in an effective, safe, long-lasting and disease-modifying manner, patients require a therapeutic approach addressing the master regulator that can reduce inflammation through multiple pathways and reverse chronic pain.