We are harnessing the power of interleukin-10 (IL-10), an anti-inflammatory cytokine that acts as a master regulator for multiple inflammatory pathways

Xalud Therapeutics aims to break this cycle of inflammation. Instead of knocking out the sources of inflammatory signals, we help the body to restore the natural balance of pain and inflammatory pathways by adding back one of its own defenses and increasing anti-inflammatory signals.


  • IL-10 acts as an upstream modulator of key biological pathways to allow the body to return to its natural, healthy state

Xalud’s therapeutic platform centers around interleukin-10 (IL-10), a master immunomodulator that acts through multiple pathways to:

  • down-regulate membrane-bound pro-inflammatory cytokine receptors and up-regulate antagonists

  • oppose p38 MAPK and NF-κB gene activation

  • suppress the transcription, translation, processing, and release of pro- inflammatory cytokines including TNF-α, IL-1α, IL-1β, IL-6, and IL-12

  • inhibit the production of reactive oxygen species

Xalud’s breakthrough, non-viral gene therapy (XT-150) contains a plasmid designed to express a proprietary variant of IL-10 when administered by injection at the site of chronic inflammation. Our therapy does not aim to block a single isolated pathway, which has limited benefits, or mask pain symptoms. Rather, it acts by inducing the prolonged production and release of this variant, thereby enhancing the duration of IL-10’s anti-inflammatory effects and restoring healthy homeostasis.  

A healthy, strong body lives in a state of equilibrium.  Every day, it detects signals of injury or chronic disease progression and naturally restores itself through the modulation of anti-inflammatory cytokines and pro-inflammatory mediators. When the body is unbalanced, unfortunately, inflammation can flare and persist over long periods of time.  This results in a myriad of diseases and associated symptoms like debilitating pain that prevents millions from living healthy productive lives.


Xalud has completed numerous nonclinical toxicology and pharmacology studies in animal models of human disease. XT-150 reduced symptoms of neuropathic or osteoarthritic pain driven by immune cell activation and inflammatory mediators in mice, rats, dogs, and horses for up to 12 weeks and in companion (pet) dogs for over 6 months. No side effects or adverse signs were observed.